Case Study:
Google Ads

Scura Law Firm has trusted one of the largest known legal marketing agencies, followed by another boutique agency with their PPC/Google Ads campaigns.

Unfortunately, the results were simply not scalable as each lead cost them a fortune, draining their marketing budget very quickly.

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They wanted to work with experts who provided real results and understood the platform inside out. They wanted to get more out of their budget, not just a few leads at a very expensive price tag.

By improving their efficiency, they knew they could dominate the market with the resources they had.


Keyword Research
and Selection

Ad Copywriting,
Design and A/B

Monitoring and

We evaluated their practice areas, identified the top keywords and completely transformed their account.

We then refreshed their landing pages, and continuously tested new versions against each other, which is a key practice ignored by most legal marketing agencies. By implementing best practices, and strategic allocation of their marketing budget, we were able to get the most out of their marketing budget, giving them more confidence in their growth prospects.


Our work outside of the Google Ads platform doubled their conversion rate. As a result, their cost per lead decreased by over 80%, meaning that they were paying 80% less for each lead that contacted them. This allowed them to not run out of budget quickly and turned Google Ads into a highly profitable lead generation system for them. Suddenly, they started getting 10x more leads than they used to.

The Impact

With growing confidence in their ability to attract high-value clients using online marketing, the firm doubled the size of their headquarters, opened additional offices and hired more associates. They even added new practice areas that were also successfully supported by our marketing campaigns.


Many legal marketing agencies claim that each lead, especially in a competitive field such as Personal Injury can cost upwards of $350 per lead. However, with experts working on your accounts, you can improve your efficiency significantly and beat the odds.

If you are getting more high-quality leads than your competitors at a cheaper cost than theirs; you are positioned to dominate your market. That is the power of working with true experts. We are a Google Partner agency, and we would love to help you as well.

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